Details for Intro to Youth Marti (Youth Programs)

There are 15 sections of this class.
Web Registration Dates Resident: 03/22/2019 @ 12:00A - 07/12/2019 @ 12:00A
Non-Resident: 04/01/2019 @ 12:00A - 07/12/2019 @ 12:00A
This is a Co-ed activity.
Open to These Ages:6 years to under 13 years
Open to These Grades:N/A
Notes for this activity:AGES: 6-12 YEARS OLD
This course focuses on the basics of traditional martial
arts such as kicks, hand-strikes, defenses and basic, ageappropriate
self-defense tactics, mind-set & techniques.
The course is designed with youth in mind and will develop
strength & stretching as well as the physical benefits of
martial arts training. Students should wear comfortable,
athletic type clothing long athletic pants or leggings &
t-shirt (please no shorts or tank-tops). Students will train
barefoot as part of the traditional martial arts experience.
LOCATION: Paulus Park Barn, 200 S. Rand Rd
INSTRUCTOR: Lake Zurich Family Martial Arts