Details for Terrific Two's Fall (Preschool)

There are 17 sections of this class.
Web Registration Dates Resident: 01/28/2019 @ 12:00A - 12/31/2019 @ 12:00A
Non-Resident: 01/28/2019 @ 12:00A - 12/31/2019 @ 12:00A
This is a Co-ed activity.
Open to These Ages:2 years to under 3 years
Open to These Grades:N/A
Notes for this activity:This class is a “stepping stone” designed to help your child
adjust and prepare for their Preschool years. Our staff will
gently care for the needs of your littlest learner so they
can easily transition into a Preschool setting with ease and
positive attitudes about learning, socializing with others
their age, and being independent. The students will be
involved in both active and quiet play including arts &
crafts, games, stories, and songs with new activities being
introduced every week. Please bring a snack, as well as a
drink to class.