Details for Music Masters 3 (Preschool)

There are 3 sections of this class.
Web Registration Dates Resident: 11/18/2019 @ 12:00A - 06/05/2020 @ 12:00A
Non-Resident: 12/06/2019 @ 12:00A - 06/05/2020 @ 12:00A
This is a Co-ed activity.
Open to These Ages:2 years 6 months to 5 years
Open to These Grades:N/A
Notes for this activity:AGES: 21/2 YEARS-PRE-K WITH ADULT
Engage your child socially and take the next step in music
education as music theory and language are introduced
through music games. Our unique combination of intelligent
music and movement activities make this class the perfect
preschool compliment. Especially appropriate for families
considering instrument lessons. Confident talkers and singers.
LOCATION: Buffalo Creek Building Studio B (back building)
INSTRUCTOR: Music-in-the-Box