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Notes for this activity:Plant Based Eating: Tips & Tricks to
Get Started - VIRTUAL
AGES: 18+
Are you embarking on a plant-based lifestyle for the first
time? Maybe you have been thinking about looking into
it after hearing so much about it. If so, you are probably
wondering if salads are really the only thing you can eat!
Never fear, there is so much more you can do with plants
than just make salads. Iíve been doing this lifestyle since
2015 and while I know I have more to learn Iíve got some
great tips, tricks and resources to share.
For instance, did you know there is non-dairy cheese
alternatives? Yes! And they taste good. Donít get me wrong
though, a plant-based lifestyle is not about swapping out
one set of processed food items for another. Some of these
things are considered plant-based junk food! You want
to keep those to a minimum and stick to keeping half of
your plate or snack vegetables or fruit. But I know it can be
lifesaving to have some easy things to eat on the run and
some replacements for your old favorites. Because if you are
feeling deprived and bored with plant-based eating you will
not stick to it.
Join Karla Mans Giroux, Holistic Health Coach for a 90
minute class on how to get started, what swaps to make,
what you can eat when on the go and how to keep plantbased
eating interesting & sustainable.
LOCATION: On-line Zoom
INSTRUCTOR: Karla Mans Giroux, KMG Coaching &
Consulting, LLC